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This site contains some of the writing of Bob Van Oosterhout.  You are welcome to download any of these items and share them with a few friends.   However, copyright law requires that you obtain permission before using them for wider distribution.  Click on the menu to the left to read or download Bob's writing on various topics.

Update 5-2-16 
    The 2nd edition owebassets/stand_up.jpgf Slow Down and Lighten Up: Letting Go of Stress and Tension was published on 4-28-16.  
     It is now available at

Click here to view Slow Down and Lighten Up on

Click here for more information

Update 4-12-16

Video links to my 2014 and 2015 presentations at the TRENDS conference have been posted under the Balance tab

There is a new video tab, where eventually links to all available videos will be posted.  My 3 minute TEDx pitch in Traverse City on 2-28-16 is now available there.

Update 10-17-15

I have posted screens used during my presentation at the 2015 TRENDS Conference in Traverse City, MI under the Balance tab.

Update 9-30-15

I believe everything we need to know about psychology, human relationships and living an effective life can be summed up in four words.

Think of any human problem, conflict, struggle or difficulty.  Understanding these four words and the components and principles that underlie them will guide you in a direction that promotes health and effectiveness while leading to the development of potential and fulfillment.

“Practical Psychology: What Works and Makes Sense” is being developed as an app and website to help us understand and apply these four words to a wide range of situations and concerns.  Unlike a book, which has a fixed, linear format, this project is being designed to be interactive and responsive to different needs, interests, and circumstances as well as new information.

 Click on the Practical Psychology tab on the left to see more.


Update 9-29-15

I have posted handouts for my 2015 TRENDS  presentation under the Balance Tab

Update August 20, 2015

I have started uploading material for my new website and book to the Practical Psychology Tab and plan to regularly update this over the next few months.

I have also uploaded a couple of new videos and updated the links for videos used in my Online Stress Management class at LCC.



Update October 19, 2014
"Balance" has been added to the buttons of the left to provide follow-up information on my presentation "Restoring and Maintaining Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance" at the 2014 Trends Conference.  Copies of the handout and outline can be downloaded and there is a link to videos, which describe techniques covered in the presentation.

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