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This site contains some of the writing of Bob Van Oosterhout.  You are welcome to download any of these items and share them with a few friends.   However, copyright law requires that you obtain permission before using them for wider distribution.  Click on the menu to the left to read or download Bob's writing on various topics.

Update October 19, 2014
"Balance" has been added to the buttons of the left to provide follow-up information on my presentation "Restoring and Maintaining Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance" at the 2014 Trends Conference.  Copies of the handout and outline can be downloaded and there is a link to videos, which describe techniques covered in the presentation.

I have added five new videos made in January 2013 for my online stress management class at LCC.  These include a video describing how to deal with problems with diaphragmatic breathing (I now use the term "Natural Rhythmic Breathing" to describe this process because "diaphragmatic breathing" has been used to describe a lot of things that are quite different than what I teach.)  There are also new videos on "Understanding Depression,"  "Principles of Stress Management,"  "A Perspective on Human Potential,"  and "Common Features of a Healthy Recovery."  There are now 23 videos that address common mental health issues and topics that frequently came up for discussion in my face-to-face class in addition to an introduction to my online class under the tab “Links to Videos for Online Stress Management at LCC.”

I have created a new tab for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and included a recent draft article on “Simple, Effective Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with descriptions of how I describe PTSD to clients and additional information and links to videos that describe components of the treatment process.

The draft article “What Works in Counseling” has been updated. This can be viewed under the “Counseling” tab.

Pages on Anxiety, Depression and PTSD have been reorganized and a draft article on Social Anxiety has been added.

I have posted a brief description of how perception can be used in moral decision making.

Summary of things posted previously:

The PowerPoint handout from a workshop titled "Understanding and Managing Problems with Anger and Impulse Control" that I presented at at the NASW-MI Annual Conference on April 8, 2010 is available under the “Anger and Impulse Control” tab.

The PowerPoint from a workshop titled "A New Perspective on Managing Chronic Pain and Headaches" that I presented on April 9, 2010 at the NASW-MI Conference is available under the “Managing Chronic Pain and Headaches” tab.

The PowerPoint handout entitled "New Perspective on Treating Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD is available under the Anxiety/Depression/PTSD heading." This workshop was presented on April 15, 2009 at the NASW-MI Annual Conference in East Lansing, MI.  I have posted chapters from my book “Slow Down and Lighten Up, “(published in 2001) that are related to physical, mental, and emotional tension along with supplemental readings on diaphragmatic breathing, thought focusing, grounding, and meditation that are used in my online Stress Management class to this page as well.

Links to unedited participant feedback on each of these presentations has been copied onto each of these pages.

Articles published in my monthly column "What Works"  for Patient-In-Charge Magazine in 2010 are available under the What Works heading.

The Daily Dose of Love Chapters 1-52 (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) are now available for viewing and download under the Christian Writing heading.  I completed a final draft of this book in 2010 but have not published it.

I have posted a draft article "Understanding Stress" which introduces the approach covered in my class and workshops on stress management and summarizes some of the approaches that I have found to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I have added a draft essay titled "Love in Spirituality" under the love heading.


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